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At Your Bark & Call Veterinary House takes a more natural approach to treatment. We follow Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) approaches with western veterinary medicine, looking at the body as a whole and employing a more complete technique to aid recovery.

Exercise Plan For Dogs

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Teach your puppy, adult, or geriatric dog fun exercises to provide good health, mobility, and longevity at home! A wonderful bonding experience for you and your dog!         

Holistic Pet Care

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy, laser therapy, and Tui-Na help the body to heal naturally and achieve balance with natural states for pets.

  • Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, from pain relief to allergies.

  • Herbal medicine is an effective way to treat chronic conditions and can be customized to the individual animal's needs.

  • Food therapy is a key part of Chinese medicine and helps to promote overall health and well-being.

  • Laser therapy is a relatively new modality that is showing great promise in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

  • Tui-Na is a form of massage that uses acupressure points to promote healing.

We offer a holistic approach to pet care offers a natural, gentle way to treat many common conditions and can be tailored to each individual animal's needs.


When applied together with conventional western veterinary medicine, the holistic approach is quite beneficial and successful for many. From exams, vaccinations, pathology, and in-home euthanasia services to more comprehensive care, we offer everything your pet needs to stay happy and healthy. We're here to provide the best possible medical, surgical, and dental care for our patients.

A Natural Way of Healing for Pets

At Your Bark & Call is a unique veterinary practice that treats patients from a completely holistic perspective. We believe that optimal health requires a balance between the mind, body, and spirit, and we strive to address all aspects of our patient's well-being.


Holistic pet care is based on the belief that the body is a whole and that restoring balance to the body is essential for optimal health. This approach takes into account all aspects of the pet's well-being, including physical, emotional, and behavioural health.


From acute to chronic conditions, physical ailments, emotional disturbances, behavioural issues, and more, we are here to help your furry friend in any way possible.


If you're looking for a vet that will really take care of your pet, you need a holistic vet. They focus on the whole animal, which means not just physical but also emotional and mental well-being.

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